This page has been created to fulfill Ohio Northern University's compliance with the disclosure requirements under the Higher Education Act of 1965 (HEA), as amended by the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (HEOA). Below is a list of the disclosure requirements, and links to pages that contain the actual information or where to obtain the information.

- Academic programs and degrees awarded
- Accreditation, approval and licensure of institution and programs
- Computer use and file sharing
- Copyright infringement — policies and sanctions
- Facilities and services for students with disabilities

Ohio Northern University takes all complaints and concerns very seriously. This page provides information regarding how complaints can be filed, in compliance with HEA Title IV, CFR 34, Sections 600.9 (a)(1) and 668.43(b).

Academic Complaints:
Grade Appeals Procedure – Student Handbook, Appendix G, College Specific Procedures, Appendices I-M
Code of Student Academic Conduct – Student Handbook, Appendix F

Non-academic Complaints:
Code of Student Conduct – Student Handbook, Section IV
Reporting Violations of The Student Code of Conduct – Student Handbook, Appendix E, Article 1

Title IX and Sexual Harassment Complaints:
Resources for reporting sexual misconduct (violence) or sexual harassment

Anonymous Complaints:
Campus Conduct Hotline

Complaints Regarding Academic Program Quality or Accrediting Standards:
Procedure for submitting complaints to ONU's accreditor, the Higher Learning Commission (HLC)

Complaints to ONU's State Agency, Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE):
Procedure for submitting complaints to the state agency responsible for authorization and approval of academic programs

Financial aid and tuition information
- Contact information for assistance in obtaining institutional or financial aid information
- Federal student financial aid penalties for drug law violations
- Net price calculator
- Notice of availability of institutional and financial aid information
- Price of attendance
- Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

NCAA Division III Financial Aid Review
In a memorandum dated Oct. 2, 2019, Ohio Northern University was notified by the NCAA Division III Financial Aid Committee that the initial review of the university’s financial aid report, for the 2018-19 academic year, was conducted and no further inquiry would occur.
- Gainful Employment
- General institutional information
- Instructional facilities
- Faculty

Health and Safety
- Campus security policies
- Crime statistics and crime log
- Drug and alcohol abuse prevention program
- Fire statistics and fire log (on-campus housing facilities)
- Vaccination policies

Intercollegiate athletic program
- Graduation rates for students receiving athletically related student aid (Student Right-to-Know Act): No athletically related student aid is provided at Ohio Northern University to students.
- Intercollegiate athletic program participation rates and financial support data (Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act): Click on "Get data for one institution" and enter Ohio Northern in the search box.
- Transfer-out rates for students receiving athletically related student aid (Student Right-to-Know Act): No athletically related student aid is provided at Ohio Northern University to students. Thus, the transfer-out rate is zero.

Loan assistance available from federal, state, local and institutional programs
- Exit counseling for student borrowers
- Initial loan counseling for student borrowers
- Institutional code of conduct for education loans
- Preferred lender lists
- Student loan information

Placement rates
- Job placement rates for graduates
- Graduate and professional education placement for graduates
- Placement of Law Graduates

Privacy of student records — Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Refund policy and requirements for withdrawal and return of federal financial aid
- Student withdrawal policy

Retention rates (Student Right-to-Know Act)

Student resources
- Career and job placement services
- Teacher preparation program report
- Student financial assistance

Student diversity
- Student Enrollment Profile
- Office of Multicultural Development

Student outcomes (Student Right-to-Know Act) Graduation Rates
- For full-time undergraduate students (overall)
- By gender and race/ethnicity (click on Retention/Graduation Rates)
- For Students Receiving Financial Aid:
        Six-year graduation rate for undergraduate cohort entering in Fall 2011 and:
        1) Receiving Pell Grant = 67%
        2) Receiving a subsidized Stafford Loan (and not a Pell grant) = 79%
        3) Receiving neither a Pell Grant or a subsidized Stafford Loan = 72%  

Professional Examinations and Licensure Results

Textbook information

Transfer of credit policies and articulation agreements

Voter registration

Advising and Tutoring
Board of Trustees
Campus Map and Directions to ONU
Class Size
College Deans

Institutional research
Fact Book
National Center for Education Statistics
President’s Staff

Student Affairs
Career Services
Student Activities
Study Abroad

Summer Campus and Conferences
Athletic Camps
Music Camps
Summer Honors Institute
University and College Accountability Network Website

Please contact the Office of Academic Affairs with any questions at 419-772-2033 or send an email.