Political science is a fantastic major for a variety of careers. Employers in many fields, from business to law, health care to education, seek out people who are knowledgeable in politics. You’ll also learn how to lead, communicate, and think critically and analytically. These skills are in demand in today’s workforce.

Large institutions just can’t provide the individualized attention and opportunity you’ll find here. Our political science students serve in student government and co-author papers with their professors. They study abroad and intern in congressional offices. They head up student organizations and present their research at regional and national conferences.

Don’t settle for being a face in the crowd. Become part of a close-knit family. At ONU, you’ll enjoy small class sizes and amazing friendships with your classmates. Our dedicated and distinguished professors will get to know you. They will support you in your coursework, research, internships, and career preparations. They will become personally invested in your success and open doors for you. Several faculty have law degrees in addition to their PhDs and bring their real-world experiences into the classroom.

Upon graduation, you’ll be a seasoned professional who’s ready for whatever the future holds – whether it’s a job, law school, or a graduate program. The field is truly wide open!