Type of Offering

You’ll graduate with the unique ability to bridge two worlds – ready to help physicians, hospitals, biotech firms, pharmaceutical companies and more operate effectively.

With this major, you’ll split your time between health science courses in the Getty College of Arts & Sciences, courses delivered by the Raabe College of Pharmacy, and business courses in the Dicke College of Business Administration. You’ll choose from five areas of concentration: accounting, business analytics, management, public relations and marketing.

With our small class sizes, you’ll get to know your professors, and they will get to know you. In fact, you’ll be assigned a faculty advisor who will mentor you from day one until graduation. You’ll also interact with and learn from business leaders, entrepreneurs and ONU alumni who’ve forged amazing careers in the biotechnology, health care and pharmaceutical fields. All of these people will open doors for you.

After graduation, you’ll possess a rare blend of skills – expertise in the health sciences and business – that are sure to get you noticed by companies in fast-growing health care industries.