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You’ll learn how to be a savvy leader who can communicate, plan and solve problems effectively. Management is a universal need, so your knowledge and skills will be valued in every field – from corporations to nonprofits to government agencies.

As a management major, you’ll gain a solid foundation in all aspects of management, including presentational speaking, organizational behavior, human resources, operations management, management information systems, international management and strategic management.

Networking is key in business, and it’s key in the College of Business Administration, too. With our small class sizes, you’ll get to know your professors and they will get to know you. In fact, you’ll be assigned a faculty advisor who will mentor you from day one until graduation. You’ll also interact with and learn from business leaders, senior executives, entrepreneurs and ONU alumni who’ve forged amazing careers in many different fields.

Upon graduation, you’ll be ready for whatever the future holds, whether it’s managing a small business workforce, leading project teams for a Fortune 500 company or starting your own business.