Here, you’ll join a close-knit family of literature lovers. From the time you arrive on campus until you graduate, you’ll be guided by the same faculty advisor. You’ll enjoy small class sizes and amazing friendships with your fellow English majors. Our dedicated professors will get to know you. They will support you in your coursework, creative endeavors, internships, and post-graduate or career preparations. They will become personally invested in your success and will open doors for you. 

As an English major degree student, you’ll combine liberal arts coursework with real-world learning. You’ll study the masters – such as Chaucer and Shakespeare – and span American, British and world literatures. You’ll gain the textual and cultural literacy, the attention to detail, and the writing ability so sought after by both nonprofit and for–profit employers. You’ll also get the chance to write and edit for University publications such as Polaris, ONU’s undergraduate creative writing magazine and The Northern Review, ONU’s newspaper.

Our small setting equals big opportunity. From attending a professional conference to taking a master class with a professional writer or editor, from our study abroad and internship experiences to career-exploration courses like Words at Work and Writing for Publication, you’ll discover countless opportunities to expand your horizons and build your résumé. 

Upon graduation, you’ll have everything you need for success. You’ll be able to think and write critically, and you’ll have unique insights into the human experience. Your knowledge and skills will be in demand wherever your career takes you!