Type of Offering

Consider the field of Biomedical Engineering. It’s where engineering discipline and human health converge to improve individual lives. We help you prepare for an advanced education and a career in bioengineering. At ONU, you can begin your journey towards helping others.

Our biomedical engineering program has a deserved reputation for being rigorous. We give you a solid foundation in the principles of engineering and develop your skills in problem solving, teamwork and communication. With this background, you’ll be ready to delve deeper into the field of biomedical engineering. And, you’ll have the flexibility to adapt should your interests change.

You can chart your own course at an engineering school that cares about you. And your professors will guide you every step of the way. They’ll help you build a unique resume for the biomedical field with relevant experiences, research and contacts.

Large institutions just can’t provide the one-on-one attention you’ll get here. Your professors will help you customize your education through coursework, research and projects in biomedical engineering. They’ll use their connections in the industry to open doors for you.