Display Name Department Email/Phone Office Title Degree
Photo of Scott
Scott Cottle Engineering s-cottle@onu.edu
James Lehr Kennedy 118B Senior Mechanical Technician A, James A Rhodes State Col
Photo of Lori
Lori Goldsmith Engineering l-goldsmith@onu.edu
James Lehr Kennedy 107 Executive Administrative Assistant
Photo of Jodi
Jodi Kennedy Engineering j-kennedy@onu.edu
James Lehr Kennedy 107B Engineering Operations Specialist A, Univ. of Northwestern St. Paul
Photo of Laurie
Laurie Laird Engineering l-laird@onu.edu
James Lehr Kennedy 109D Director of Corporate and Alumni Relations; Rank of Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering BSME, Ohio Northern University
MS, University of Cincinnati
Photo of Jeffrey
Jeff Martz Engineering j-martz.1@onu.edu
James Lehr Kennedy 118A Machine Shop Technician
Photo of Tricia
Tricia Profit-Kuhn Engineering, Advancement t-profit-kuhn@onu.edu
James Lehr Kennedy 109C Senior Director of Development for the College of Engineering BS, Bowling Green State Univ
Photo of Julia
Julia Turner Engineering j-turner.6@onu.edu
James Lehr Kennedy 109B KEEN Administrative Assistant BS, The University of Findlay
MBA, The University of Findlay
Photo of Christopher
Chris Winters Engineering c-winters@onu.edu
James Lehr Kennedy 200B Electronics Technician A, Owens Cmty College Findlay
Photo of John-David
J.D. Yoder Engineering j-yoder@onu.edu
James Lehr Kennedy 107A Dean of the College of Engineering; Rank of Professor of Mechanical Engineering BSME, University of Notre Dame
MS, University of Notre Dame
PHD, University of Notre Dame
Photo of Thomas
Tom Zechman Engineering t-zechman.1@onu.edu
James Lehr Kennedy 107D Assistant Dean of Engineering; rank of Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering BS, Southern Methodist University
MS, University of Dayton