Updated: Aug. 26, 2023 | 5:30 p.m.

ONU encourages all members of our community to take preventive health precautions, including staying up-to-date on vaccinations to protect yourself, your colleagues and your fellow students.

We recognize that no university, nor any other organization, can guarantee an environment free of COVID-19, and we expect everyone associated with the University to understand that there is a risk of contracting the virus here or anywhere. Nonetheless, our highest priority is the health, safety and well-being of every member of the ONU community. To address the COVID-19 risk factors, ONU will rely once again on the unique benefits of our size and expertise, as well as the experience gained from safely and successfully completing the two previous academic years in person.

Every member of our community must share responsibility for taking all necessary steps to minimize the risk of COVID-19 infection. This means following the measures included in this Safety Plan, which are informed by national, state and local health directives, by guidance from similar levels of government and by following other relevant University requirements and practices.

Because guidance from various health organizations and government offices may change as conditions and scientific recommendations change, the ONU Safety Plan is subject to change as well. If circumstances change, we will continue to update our Safety Plan.

Ohio Northern recognizes that not everyone in our community is able to be vaccinated. Please respect individual choices and be sensitive to students and colleagues on campus who are wearing a face covering or practicing other forms of health protection.



Ohio Northern University strongly encourages faculty, staff and students to be up-to-date with their vaccines as recommended by the CDC. The CDC states that COVID-19 vaccines are effective against most variants. COVID-19 vaccines used in the United States continue to protect against severe disease, hospitalization and death from known circulating variants.

ONU HealthWise Pharmacy provides all adult vaccinations including influenza and COVID-19. The pharmacy is open to ALL members of the campus community and the general public.


Masks are optional in public indoor spaces – classrooms, buildings, libraries, McIntosh Center, ONU Sports Center, common areas, etc. – unless required as state or federal law mandates. While masks are optional indoors at this time, some members of the ONU community may continue wearing a mask. Please respect their choice and be sensitive to students and colleagues who prefer to continue to wear masks indoors.


Individuals who are symptomatic or exposed are encouraged to test for the virus with a COVID-19 home test. Tests are readily available and may be purchased at the ONU HealthWise Pharmacy.


Ohio Northern University encourages faculty, staff and students to follow the CDC guidelines on isolation. Faculty, staff and students who test positive for COVID-19 should isolate for 5 days and mask for an additional 5 days.

ALL students who test positive for COVID-19 should contact the Student Health Center at 419-772-2086 or health-center@onu.edu


It is advised to adhere to the following safety practices for your personal protection:

  • Practice frequent handwashing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or use the inside of an elbow.
  • Use hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.
  • Utilize surface cleaning products in all bathrooms, classrooms and other shared facilities (e.g. copy machines, coffee stations, etc.) for wiping down surfaces touched before and after every use.


Athletic teams will follow Ohio Northern safety guidelines. Athletic teams may develop additional safety policies that are based on recommended NCAA guidelines.

ONU strongly recommends COVID-19 vaccinations (including booster doses) for University supported international travel, effective Spring 2023. COVID-19 vaccinations (including booster doses) will be required when programs take place in any country or with any host organization that requires vaccination for travelers or participants.

Based on regulations that are changing frequently, students should be prepared for possible exclusion from certain program activities, access to places of business, restriction of movement in the host country, and additional on-site expenses due to non-vaccinated status. In such cases, ONU will not be able to deliver the educational program for which the student has enrolled. All participants in study abroad must accept that there may be changes in vaccination requirements or changes to the itinerary due to a country’s or host program’s response to COVID-19 outbreaks. If changes or cancellations occur, the University will not be responsible for additional expenses that may occur, and assessment will be made regarding any possible refunds. Under this ONU policy, should a student remain either unvaccinated or un-boosted against COVID-19 at the start of the semester of study abroad course enrollment and/or travel, the student is fully and solely responsible for any additional costs incurred due to non-vaccinated or non-boosted status.

Find more information at https://my.onu.edu/academic_affairs/study_abroad_at_onu/resources


The University will monitor and evaluate our safeguards and measures, continuously updating them to ensure that they are following current guidance from federal and state governments and the local health department. ONU will reestablish appropriate safety measures in the event of a new variant spreading or infections surging on campus in order to mitigate risk and to keep faculty, staff and students healthy and safe.


For specific questions about the COVID-19 safeguards and measures being implemented, please connect with the following campus areas:

  • Academic Affairs – academic-affairs@onu.edu | 419-772-2033
    • Arts & Sciences | a-and-s@onu.edu | 419-772-2130
    • Business | business@onu.edu | 419-772-2070
    • Engineering | engineering@onu.edu | 419-772-2371
    • Law | lawdean@onu.edu | 419-772-3051
    • Pharmacy | pharmacy@onu.edu | 419-772-2275
  • Admissions – admissions-ug@onu.edu | 419-772-2260
  • Athletics – athletics@onu.edu | 419-772-2444
  • Business Services – businessservices@onu.edu | 419-772-2057
  • Health Center – health-center@onu.edu | 419-772-2086
  • Housing – reslife@onu.edu | 419-772-2430
  • Human Resources – hr@onu.edu | 419-772-2013
  • ONU HealthWise Pharmacy – hwpharmacy@onu.edu | 419-772-DRUG
  • Student Affairs – studentaffairs@onu.edu | 419-772-2433
  • Student Success Center – academic-affairs@onu.edu | 419-772-2033


  • Maintain ONU’s COVID website
  • Monitor and implement the Safety Plan.
  • Develop faculty, staff, and student education and training programs
  • Update and alert faculty, staff, and students on changes to the safety plan, practices and measures.
    • Julie Hurtig, Academic Affairs
    • Jason Broge, Financial Affairs
    • Adriane Thompson-Bradshaw, Student Affairs
    • Emily Rosebeck, Human Resources
    • Mike Rush, ONU HealthWise
    • Kimberly Manning, Student Health Center
    • Tom Simmons, Athletics
    • Marc Staley, Physical Plant
    • Vicki Niese, Business Services
    • Danny Carson, Dining Services
    • David Dellifield, McIntosh Center
    • Dave Kielmeyer, Communications & Marketing


  • Kenton Hardin Health Department (KHHD)
  • Ohio Department of Health (ODH)
  • Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  • Lima Memorial Hospital (LMH)
  • Mercy Health – St. Rita’s Medical Center
  • Village of Ada

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NOTE: Some COVID-19 archival resources also are available.