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Welcome to the Office of Polar Careers - ONU's career center for undergraduates.

Life after college can be uncertain for many graduates, but at ONU, you have an advantage. You’ll be prepared for a wide range of jobs with a strong liberal arts foundation. The relationships you build with your professors will open doors to the professional world. And no matter what career awaits you, the staff at Polar Careers will assist you with developing a variety of search strategies to find internships and co-ops, seek professional employment, or enter graduate or professional school and more.

Absolute placement

Of all the questions parents ask during the college search, “Will my child get a job?” is usually right at the top. It also happens to be the question Ohio Northern University admissions counselors like to answer most, because the numbers don’t lie. In 2016, 13 ONU academic programs had 100% placement. The University as a whole boasted 94% undergrad placement. This is well above the national average.

Polar Careers

Anne Niese

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