Our communication & media program combines liberal arts and professional courses with opportunities for hands-on learning. Sure, you’ll study communication theories and concepts. But you’ll also put them to the test in the real world. You’ll learn to think critically, lead teams, network and negotiate. Communication & Media is an excellent standalone major that is flexible enough to also work as a double major or dual degree for any other field. 

Here, you won’t get lost in the crowd. You’ll be part of close-knit family. You’ll enjoy small class sizes and amazing friendships with your classmates. Your dedicated professors will get to know you. They will guide you in your coursework, hands-on learning, internships, and post-graduate or career preparations. They will become personally invested in your success and will open doors for you.

Our small setting equals big opportunity. From writing stories for the online campus paper to studying abroad, from assisting a professor with research to attending a national conference, you’ll discover countless opportunities to expand your horizons and build your résumé.

Upon graduation, you’ll have a portfolio of work and a communication skillset that will impress employers in any field. The world awaits!