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Gospel Ensemble

The Ohio Northern University Gospel Ensemble was formed in December 1987. Since that time, the ensemble has traveled to many area churches each year on weekend trips and has visited some of the members' home churches throughout Ohio and Michigan on spring break tours. An annual spring concert on campus is the traditional end-of-the-year event for the ensemble. The ensemble sings primarily contemporary gospel music, and much of it is sung a cappella. There is no academic credit granted for participation. The primary purpose of the Ensemble is to spread the word of God through song. Their motto is "Winning souls to Christ with a melody!"

The director, Dr. Adriane Thompson Bradshaw, ONU’s vice president for student affairs, helped form the group more than 25 years ago with a group of interested students. She leads the weekly rehearsals, which are open to any member of the campus community. The Ensemble sings music in the African-American gospel music tradition, but encourages students from all ethnic and racial backgrounds to participate and in fact has a diverse mix of singers. Each year, the group welcomes new members and says good bye to graduating seniors, so the size of the group varies from year to year. What is consistent is their love for God and the enthusiastic spirit with which they deliver their messages in song.

Contact the Adriane Thompson-Bradshaw, ensemble director, if you wish to join.
Churches, please contact the Chapel or 419-772-2200 for outreach requests.

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