Michael Nguyen: Driven by Data


Upon graduation from Ohio Northern University, Michael Nguyen will enter a field he is passionate about, but one he didn’t consider until ONU opened the door: data analytics.

Starting out as a pharmacy major, Michael found himself gravitating toward the concept of using data to improve health outcomes. ONU’s data analytics major program, with a focus on health informatics, offered him a pathway to a career that matched his newfound interest.

“I am excited to use my skills and knowledge to contribute to data-driven healthcare decision-making and make a positive difference in the lives of patients and healthcare professionals,” he said.

Michael complemented his coursework with real-world learning. He worked in student database support for ONU’s Office of University Advancement, and he interned at Mary Rutan Health in Bellefontaine, Ohio, as a decision support data analyst intern.

His intern supervisor gave him high marks, noting he was an excellent team member and a quick learner. He made impactful improvements to the hospital team’s workflow with his in-depth knowledge of data management and analytics.

At ONU, Michael participates in the Powerlifting Club. Strength training is more than just being physically fit, he explained. “It provides a source of mental fortitude and resilience that I carry into various aspects of my life.”

As a member of ONU’s Asian American Student Union, Michael helped plan and host the campus’s first-ever bobo tea fundraiser. “The event was a resounding success, with long lines of students, faculty, and community members eager to savor the flavors of Asia,” he said.

Michael graduates in December 2023, and he’s ready to launch his career.

“My path today is a result of a combination of personal values, family influence, a deep appreciation for the healthcare field, the transformative role of data, and the profound satisfaction I find in working at the intersection of data analytics and healthcare,” he said. “These inspirations continue to drive me forward in my journey.”