The following guidelines apply to all employers posting part- or full-time professional or pre-professional employment opportunities for ONU students through the Polar Careers Office and its online recruiting website. Polar Careers may allow a position to be posted if the employer provides the following criteria:
  • Employer or organization name

  • Contact person's name and title

  • Position title

  • Job description

  • Contact information, including address, phone, fax, email, website

  • Major(s) being recruited for the position (if applicable)
Job postings may be online for a maximum of 90 days. If no one has been hired at the end of 90 days, the Polar Careers Office may allow the reposting of the position at the employer's request for an additional 90 days.
Once the employer's position is filled, the employer is requested to deactivate the vacancy immediately.
The employer is requested to provide hiring information on Ohio Northern students and recent graduates. This information will be held in a confidential manner; the pooled data will only be used to compare ONU graduates' starting offers against national averages by major and job title. Information needed includes the following:
  • Name of new hire and job title

  • Employer name and address

  • Employer contact name

  • Employment start date

  • Rate of pay
Polar Careers has the right to refuse to allow posting of a position if:
  • The work assignment interferes with or negatively affects the academic progress of the student or requires or encourages a student to discontinue his or her academic program of study.
  • The employment opportunity involves on-campus solicitation or on-campus sales.
  • The organization requires a financial investment, purchase of supplies or equipment or pay a fee as a condition of employment unless such fees are required in accordance with applicable State and Federal laws. .
Commission Based Positions: The organization needs to fully disclose the compensation package and business costs incurred from start-up through the first year of employment. This includes salary, duration of salary, training allowance, incentive programs, stock options, commission structure, benefits and any costs borne by the applicant/employee including testing, licenses, classes, travel expenses and equipment. Those positions providing a salary for less than one year will be considered business opportunities and recruitment will not be permitted. All positions must pay at least minimum wage as a base salary.
Polar Careers’ professional staff reserves the right to investigate complaints by students about employers or jobs accessed through the office. If the staff determines that a complaint is justified, the staff may choose to deny services to the employer involved.
Ohio Northern University is a non-discriminatory organization, and employers must comply with non-discrimination practices. Positions posted with the office must comply with all federal and state affirmative-action and equal-employment regulations. Any organization that does not endorse this policy will be denied use of the Polar Careers Office facilities and services.

Polar Careers adheres to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Principles for Professional Practice

Data collection and access to student information is governed by several campus and federal policies found here