Do you want to connect with students?  Let us help you!  Polar Careers provides many opportunities for employers to network with students.  


Are you unable to attend our fairs?  No problem!  We are here to help you connect with our bright students and are happy to assist you.  We can facilitate information sessions and table reservations.  If you will be on campus, and would like to set something up please contact us at (419) 772-2145 or


There is no denying the importance of strong interviewing skills.  Mock interviews provide students with a safe way to test these skills without the pressure that a typical interview entails.  Mock interviews also provide employers with the opportunity to hone their skills as well.  If you are interested and would be willing to serve in this capacity, please contact us at (419) 772-2145 or    


ONU has over 200 student organizations on campus for employers and graduate schools to connect with.  To see the full list, please visit: from there you will click “Clubs and Organizations.”  If you have a specific organization of interest, let us know and we can assist you.