My son/daughter is a student at ONU. How can I find out his/her grades for this term?

  • Due to federal regulations, we are unable to provide you with that information without the express written consent of your son/daughter. The regulation is very much like the healthcare rule HIPAA that permits only people you designate access to your medical records. If you want to have access to your student's grades you will need to speak with him/her. 

May I sign this form for my son/daughter? 

  • No, any forms or requests submitted to the Registrar's Office via email attachment, fax or U.S. mail must be signed by the student.

I want to check on the status of a requested transcript, AP Credit, etc. that my son/daughter has requested from ONU or that he/she is expecting to be received by ONU. Whom do I call? 

  • The student (not mom, dad, grandma, grandpa or any other person) must contact the Registrar's Office for that information (call, visit or email from their current ONU/Self-Service Banner account).

My son/daughter is a high school consortium student.  With whom should we check for questions regarding how to send a transcript or how the work will transfer to other schools he/she plans to attend? 

  • High School Consortium students should check with their high school Guidance Counselor (or whomever is in charge of the program at their school) on any questions they have regarding how to send a transcript, how the work will transfer to the school they are planning to attend, etc. 

How can I find specific course descriptions and details about courses my son/daughter is taking this term.?

  • Full course offering information is located on the Registrar's Office webpages under the Schedule/Catalog Search.  You may search by subject code and course number or by a portion of or the complete course title.  You may also perform searches for all courses in a particular subject, all courses offered at a particular time, all courses with a particular general learning objective, etc.

We have billing questions. Is that handled by the registrar's office?