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Transfer Students

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The Raabe College of Pharmacy at Ohio Northern University only offers the six-year, direct-entry Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program. Most of our students are admitted from secondary schools and are here for all six years of the program, since pharmacy courses start year one.

Annually, the College of Pharmacy determines whether any space is available for transfer admissions into the first-, second- or third-year class cohorts. (There are no seats available for transfer students in the third-year class entering in fall 2019 and beyond.) If space is available, first priority for admission goes to ONU students who are applying for internal transfer. Any remaining seats would be filled by transfer applicants from outside the University.

While there are no specific required courses for entry into the first year of our program, the admissions committee will look for success in any math and science course you have already taken. If you complete any courses listed below under "Required courses to be considered for entry into the second year of the program" with a C grade or higher at a regionally accredited college/university, you may receive transfer credit and your first-year course load may be lighter. However, due to the lock-step nature of the curriculum, entering the first year of the program with transfer credits will not change the total length of your program. 

Required courses to be considered for entry into the second year of the program:

General Chemistry 1 (with lab)
5 credit hours

General Chemistry 2 (with lab)
5 credit hours

Calculus 1
3 credit hours

3 credit hours

3 credit hours

Social Science (psychology or sociology)
3 credit hours

General Biology (with lab)
4 credit hours

Human Anatomy
4 credit hours

English Composition
6 credit hours

3 credit hours

Courses (as indicated above) must have been completed at a regionally accredited college/university with a C grade or better for transfer. Chemistry courses must be completed at an American Chemical Society (ACS)-accredited college or university. If courses are completed at a non-ACS-accredited institution, credit may be awarded based on satisfactory performance on an ACS standardized exam to be administered by the ONU chemistry department. Math and science courses must be completed no more than six years prior to the anticipated date of matriculation.

External applicants must apply no later than April 1; final decisions are made by the end of May. Any qualified applicant will be required to schedule a personal interview in order to be considered for admission.

There are no course pre-requisites for admission consideration, and the PCAT is not required. Financial aid is available to all transfer students, but grants and scholarships are restricted to those students who have not yet completed a bachelor’s degree.

You should visit to determine how the courses you have already completed will transfer to Ohio Northern University and fit into the Raabe College of Pharmacy's curriculum. If you have additional questions about transfer opportunities, please contact:

Bob Trusz
Coordinator of Admissions
Raabe College of Pharmacy
Ohio Northern University
Ada OH 45810
419-772-3554 (fax)