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Campus Directory

Display Name E-mail Department/Major Office Phone Title
Erica Brownstein 419-772-2127 Associate Professor of Education; Director of the Center for Teacher Education Employee
Jarod Brubaker Mechanical Engineering Student
Kellen Brubaker Mechanical Engineering Student
Jarrod Bruderly Law Student
Evan Bruggeman Pharmacy Student
Connor Brunken Musical Theatre Student
Nathaniel Bruno Undecided General Studies Student
Rinaldo Brusadin College of Pharmacy Robertson-Evans 419-772-2283 Lecturer Employee
Caleb Bryan Civil Engineering Student
Erica Bryan Department of Athletics King-Horn Center 246 419-772-2771 Assistant Coach of Softball Employee
Danielle Bryll Mechanical Engineering Student
Chad Bucci Department of Athletics King-Horn Center 231 419-772-2761 Head Coach of Men's and Women's Golf and Facilities Scheduling Employee
Sutton Bucci Mechanical Engineering Student
Nina Buchan Pharmacy Student
Anthony Buchanan Exercise Physiology Student
Chloe BuCher Law Student
Austin Buchholz Law Student
Philip Buckingham Middle Childhood Education Student
Grace Buckland Political Science Student
Sean Buckley Department of Athletics King-Horn Center 235 419-772-3136 Assistant Coach of Football Employee
Eldon Buckner Political Science Student
Henry Budd Undecided General Studies Student
Andy Buderer Mechanical Engineering Student
Abigail Buelsing Forensic Biology Student
Ashley Buersmeyer Department of Theatre Arts Performing Arts Center 127 419-772-2591 Adjunct Instructor of Theatre Arts Employee
Joyce Buetner Department of English Dukes Memorial 100 419-772-3967 Adjunct Instructor of English Employee
Madison Buffenbarger Accounting Student
Sergio Bugarin Finance Student
Emily Bui Pharmacy Student
Nathan Bunch Law Student
Ethan Burd Management Student
Alexis Burden Nursing Student
Davis Burger Pharmacy Student
Bailey Burgmeier Mechanical Engineering Student
Matt Burkett Accounting Student
Jaylin Burkhart Food Service McIntosh Center 419-772-2661 Part-Time Food Service Affiliate
Keri Burkhart Pharmacy Student
Clay Burkholder Criminal Justice Student
Jade Burnett Spanish Student
Nancy Burnett Office of Communications & Marketing Lehr Memorial 303 419-772-2759 Creative and Design Services Manager Employee
Kelly Burns Forensic Biology Student
Chris Burns-DiBiasio Office of the President Lehr Memorial 201A 419-772-2780 Director of Community Relations Employee
Alexa Burt Pharmacy Student
Krissa Burton Medical Laboratory Science Student
Tyler Burton Civil Engineering Student
Natalie Bush Pharmacy Student
Jared Butcher Marketing Student
Aaron Butler Physical Plant 525 S Main St 419-772-2460 Custodian Affiliate
Luke Butterfield Language Arts Education Student
Veronica Butts Pharmacy Student