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Campus Directory

Display Name E-mail Department/Major Office Phone Title
Christian Booze Early Childhood Education Student
Leighton Boquist Pharmacy Student
Jack Borden Mechanical Engineering Student
Morgan Borders College of Pharmacy Robertson-Evans 419-772-2299 Healthwise Pharmacy Volunteer Affiliate
Rachael Borgman Pharmacy Student
Benjamin Borkosky Undecided General Studies Student
Desta Borland 500 S Cleveland Ave 614-898-4100 Affiliate
Matthew Borland Pharmacy Student
Caleb Bosh Creative Writing Student
Chelsie Bosley Creative Writing Student
Leslie Bostick Department of Nursing Mathile Center 119 419-772-3948 Instructor of Nursing Employee
Bayley Boston Pharmaceutical/Healthcare Bus Student
Tony Bothe Mechanical Engineering Student
Rimoun Botros Pharmacy Student
Garrett Bott Construction Management Student
Maegan Bouchonville Music Education Student
Bryan Boulanger Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Biggs Engineering 106 419-772-2375 Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering; Chair of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Employee
Ryan Boulton Pharmacy Student
Alex Bowen Political Science Student
Christina Bowen Chemistry Student
Hannah Bowen Marketing Student
Nick Bowen Marketing Student
Caden Bower Computer Science Student
Carmen Bowers Pharmacy Student
Chris Bowers Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry Meyer Hall Of Science 263 419-772-2435 Associate Professor of Chemistry; Chair of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Employee
Connor Bowers Pharmacy Student
Layne Bowman Technology Education Student
Matthew Bowman Office of Information Technology Information Technology 108 419-772-3094 Associate Systems Administrator Employee
Olivia Bowser Pharmacy Student
Khristo Boyadzhiev Department of Mathematics & Statistics Mathile Center 230 419-772-2349 Professor of Mathematics Employee
Dylan Boyd Mechanical Engineering Student
Heather Boyed Undecided General Studies Student
Kaylynn Boyed Undecided General Studies Student
Cayla Boyer Psychology Student
Bethany Boyett Middle Childhood Education Student
Rachel Boyle International Theatre Prod. Student
Jeff Brachok Department of Biological & Allied Health Sciences Meyer Hall of Science 142 419-772-2329 Laboratory Technician Employee
Heather Brackman Pharmacy Student
Makenna Brackman Pharmacy Student
Lisa Bradley Department of History Political Science and Geography Hill Memorial Lecturer in History, Politics and Justice Employee
Dillon Brady Mechanical Engineering Student
John Brady 419-772-2121 Instructor of Education Employee
Rachel Brady Pharmacy Student
Brooke Bramlage Pharmacy Student
Jackson Brandstaetter Mechanical Engineering Student
Joanne Brant College of Law Tilton Hall of Law 182 419-772-2228 Professor of Law Employee
David Braun Law Student
Geoffrey Braun Pharmacy Student
Jenna Braun Pharmacy Student
Chelsey Braunwart Medical Laboratory Science Student