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Campus Directory

Display Name E-mail Department/Major Office Phone Title
Lauren Bartlett College of Law Tilton Hall Of Law 195 419-772-2217 Director of Law Clinics; Associate Professor of Law Employee
Brandon Bartlome Athletic Training Student
Keith Barto Mechanical Engineering Student
Marisa Barton Pharmacy Student
Randall Basinger College of Law Tilton Hall of Law 419-772-3051 Adjunct Professor of Law Employee
Sarah Bassitt Lecturer of Nursing Employee
Melanie Batdorf Pharmacy Student
Brittany Bates College of Pharmacy Robertson-Evans 224 419-772-2275 Clinical Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice Employee
Charles Bates Department of Music Presser Hall 315 419-772-2155 Professor of Music; Director of University Bands Employee
Logan Bates Pharmacy Student
Susan Bates Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry Meyer Hall of Science 264 419-772-2341 Associate Professor of Chemistry Employee
Mark Batman Department of Athletics King-Horn Center 224 419-772-2558 Head Coach of Women's Soccer Employee
Dawson Battison Accounting Student
Drew Battison Computer Science Student
Ashleigh Baucom Pharmacy Student
Luke Bauer Computer Engineering Student
Emily Baum Pharmacy Student
Emily Baumgartner Department of Technological Studies Taft Memorial 419-772-2168 Adjunct Instructor of Technology Employee
Holly Baumgartner College of Arts & Sciences Dukes Memorial 207 419-772-2130 Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences; Rank of Professor Employee
Sheila Baumgartner Office of Communications & Marketing Lehr Memorial 304A Associate Director of Communications and Marketing Employee
Kayla Baxendell Pharmacy Student
Ethan Baylor Pharmacy Student
Kaleb Baynes Pharmacy Student
Matthew Bazeley Law Student
Allyson Beachy Nursing Student
Abby Beadle Pharmacy Student
Tyler Beam Technology Education Student
Brady Beaman Food Service McIntosh Center 419-772-2661 Part-Time Food Service Affiliate
Jerry Beard Department of Athletics King-Horn Center 234 419-772-2775 Assistant Coach of Baseball Employee
Christy Beaschler College of Business Dicke Hall 120 419-772-2084 Assistant Dean of the Dicke College of Business Administration Employee
Ron Beaschler Department of Athletics King-Horn Center 222 419-772-2453 Assistant Professor of Sport Management; Head Coach of Wrestling Employee
Zach Beaschler Undecided Business Student
Taran Beasley Musical Theatre Student
Scott Beaton Sport Management Student
Jenna Beatty Pharmacy Student
Wendy Bechtol Physical Plant 525 S Main St 419-772-2460 Custodian Affiliate
Dylan Beck Statistics Student
Devyn Beckel Civil Engineering Student
Carissa Beckham Exercise Physiology Student
Taylor Beckley Law Student
Ellie Beckwith-McManus Office of Advancement Lehr Memorial 301B 419-772-2073 Executive Director of Development for Arts and Sciences and Special Projects Employee
Carmen Bednarski Pharmacy Student
Tyler Beem Criminal Justice Student
Bob Beer Part-Time Systems Administrator Employee
Thomas Beery Department of English Dukes Memorial 115 419-772-3967 Adjunct Instructor of English Employee
Zachary Behen German Student
Justen Behnfeldt Pharmaceutical/Healthcare Bus Student
Olivia Behnfeldt Pharmacy Student
Ellie Beilman Law Student
Alec Beiswenger Musical Theatre Student