How to get an ONU Campus ID Card

Students, faculty and staff are issued a campus ID card upon starting school or employment at Ohio Northern University.

Campus ID cards can be used to access meal plans, Polar Points, and campus buildings including dorms, King horn Center, campus libraries and other areas. Your ID card can also be used for printing on the ONU printers, for discounted admission into ONU sporting events and concerts, and for discounts at various local businesses.

Alumni, employee spouses and ONU retirees can purchase a campus ID card through the Department of Public Safety after completing an ONU non-Faculty/Staff/Student ID Card Request Form.  Download form below.

Take caution to protect our campus ID card. Scratching, cracking or puncturing the card will damage it and may cause it to stop working.

If you damage or lose your campus ID card, a replacement card can be purchased through the Department of Public Safety.  There is a charge of $25 due when your replacement card is issued.  The Department of Public Safety does not accept cash payments within their office. See payment link below.