Ohio Northern University President Melissa J. Baumann, Ph.D.

Despite a busy fall semester characterized by introductions, celebrations such as Homecoming Weekend and important events such as the Forward Together public campaign launch, Ohio Northern University President Melissa J. Baumann, Ph.D., says she feels “energized” after her first 100 days on the job “and even more committed to serving the ONU community.”
“Our institution is engaged in truly remarkable pursuits, such as high-impact learning, rigorous academic programs, faculty and student research projects, and corporate partnerships to name just a few. I look forward to learning more with each day,” she says.
“I am also truly humbled by the generosity of our alumni and friends who support our students and their educational pursuits,” she continues. “I am excited about the future of our institution because to date, $87 million has been committed to the campaign for student scholarships, teaching and learning excellence, facilities for the future, and the Northern Fund.”
Baumann’s optimism from the outset about ONU’s future is also evident in her decision to immediately begin strategic planning initiatives intended to sustain and improve ONU’s well-established position as a premier higher educational institution.
Additionally, the warm welcome she’s received from myriad people has made her feel like she is home, she says. “The Ohio Northern community has embraced me in so many ways. Working with faculty and staff to help ONU students find and become the best version of themselves is an absolute privilege. Thank you for joining me on this journey,” she says.
ONU plans to host a formal presidential inauguration on April 12, 2023.
For more details about President Baumann’s experiences during her first 100 days, visit https://www.onu.edu/100days.