The DiBiasio administration by the numbers

Ohio Northern University released new data highlighting the combined accomplishments and achievements of President Dan DiBiasio and First Lady Chris Burns-DiBiasio one month prior to the couples’ retirement from ONU. The webpage and downloadable PDF provides quantitative examples of the University’s growth and impact during the couples’ 11 years in Ada.

The numbers show growth in areas such as operating budget and endowment, while also chronicling ONU’s contributions to the student experience and community from 2011-22. Much has been made of the DiBiasios’ impact on ONU over recent months, and the new project data puts the scope and scale of that impact into context.

Some of the highlights include the University’s $200 million endowment — an all-time high, and an average 94% placement rate for graduates during the 11-year span. The Campaign for Engineering: Building Impact at ONU successfully raised $17 million from private donors and also secured $62.7 million in funding from the USDA for capital improvements and refinancing that directly contributed to the construction of the James Lehr Kennedy Engineering Building, which increased the University’s capacity for engineering students, and is poised to propel ONU Engineering to new heights in coming years.

Additionally, investments in the community like Ada Community Engagement days and the College of Pharmacy’s mobile health clinic, the addition of athletics facilities and programs in men’s and women’s lacrosse and esports, and sustainability initiatives like the 3-megawatt solar field south of campus are further indicate a University set on course to meet the needs and face the challenges of the future.

A full accounting of the DiBiasios “by the numbers” can be found here.