Ohio Northern University Delta Sigma Phi members taking the Polar Bear Plunge in 2020.

Quinn Aiken, left, and Collin Rindler taking the 2020 Polar Bear Plunge.

Following a 1-year pandemic-related brrrreak, Ohio Northern University’s Delta Sigma Phi fraternity members will be taking the Polar Bear Plunge. With proceeds to go toward the Alzheimer’s Association, brave participants will pay a minimum of $5 to jump into Lake Neiheiser near fraternity circle themselves or sponsor a brother to take the plunge in their place.

The event will take place Saturday, Feb. 19, from 9 a.m. to noon. Saturday’s forecasted temperature is expected to reach a balmy 34 degrees.

Volunteers, supervised by local fire and EMS crews, will enable water access by cutting a hole through the ice if necessary (it is, after all, winter in Ohio!). A maximum of two individuals will be allowed to jump in at the same time.

Participants will be required to observe safety protocols. There will be a spotter in the water at all times in case of an emergency and to help jumpers out of the water. EMS will be on stand-by during the entire event. Non-slip mats will be placed near the water hole to increase safety for people entering and exiting. Jumpers will enter feet first and submerge themselves in the pond, then immediately exit and head to the heating tent equipped with propane heaters, where hot drinks will be provided; jumpers will be required to bring their own towels for COVID-19 safety.