Voter Friendly Campus Badge

Ohio Northern University is committed to being a voter friendly campus. ONU’s Institute for Civics and Public Policy has partnered with the Campus Vote Project to encourage voter awareness and participation through non-partisan civic engagement.

Registration and Voting Resources

Many students have questions about the registration and voting process once they move to college. We encourage you to visit to register to vote, check your registration status or get election reminders. You will also be able to learn more about voting absentee or voting early by visiting this website. It is a great resource for your voting questions. 

We also encourage you to check out Campus Vote Project’s student voting guide, which provides a wealth of voting information for every state in the country. Check it out here.  

Want to learn more about how elections affect your major? Click here

Did you know Ohio has a shortage of poll workers? You can do your part to support democracy by becoming a poll worker in Ohio!

Recognition for ONU’s efforts toward civic participation

To learn more about ONU’s civic engagement Plan