In support of its mission to prepare students for lives of success, service and growth, Ohio Northern University seeks to provide and maintain a learning environment that is both positive and safe. Our Core Values call upon each member of the ONU family to live in community with one another and to act with integrity. To live these values requires our being purposeful, open, just, disciplined and caring. We must conduct ourselves with honesty and trustworthiness, and we must respect one another.

Toward this end, the University has zero tolerance for any form of hazing within our community. All students and recognized student organizations, fraternities and sororities, varsity athletic teams, and all other student groups as well as employees, volunteers, alumni and consultants of the University are prohibited from engaging in hazing behavior. Hazing causes significant and lasting harm to victims, their families and the community. An anti-hazing mindset and the prevention of hazing is therefore a shared responsibility of the entire ONU community, including our students, faculty, staff and alumni.

ONU Policy Prohibiting Hazing

To report hazing:

Reporters should dial 911 to report any emergency situations related to hazing. Reporters also should officially report the matter immediately to the Office of Student Conduct or to Public Safety.


University contacts to report hazing

Any of the following agencies can receive a report regarding hazing:

  • Office of Student Conduct – Student Affairs Suite, First Floor, McIntosh Center; 419-772-2434 
  • Department of Public Safety – 211 S. Union St., Business Services Building; 419-772-2222
  • Office of Human Resources – 154 Lehr Memorial Building, 419-772-2013 (Note: Hazing violations by ONU employees should be reported to this office.)

Persons may report prohibited conduct anonymously using the toll-free Ethics and Conduct Hotline at 833-203-6460. Additional information about the hotline can be found HERE

Any questions or concerns can be directed to