Sabastian Stetten

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Next step: mechanical engineering career in Tennessee

Sabastian Stetten chose to major in mechanical engineering because, he says: “I have always been fascinated by how singular components can come together to create a cohesive device that has the potential to change the world.”

At ONU, he also pursued a concentration in aerospace engineering because the prospects of space for both commercial and practical ventures “are boundless.”

As a boy growing up in Columbia, Tennessee, Stetten always wanted to understand how machines work and how they can interact with the world. He credits a math teacher he had in middle school and his parents for inspiring him to become an engineer.

The mechanical engineer is grateful for his ONU experience.

“Aside from having numerous opportunities to talk with individuals in the world of engineering and gaining different perspectives, many of the laboratory components of my typical engineering classes used equipment and software widely found in industry, giving me experience far beyond what a typical classroom setting could provide,” he explains.

He has some insights for young people interested in engineering and looking for the right fit for college.

“I would say that mechanical engineering at times can be a great stressor in your life; however, you will meet many great people who will be alongside you in this journey, from the fantastic professors to many amazing friends. You won’t feel like a number or a statistic in a registry; instead, people here will remember you far after you have graduated. That personability is hard to find anywhere else.”