Hannah Enciso


Next step: internship at  All the World's a Stage Children's Theater in Michigan

For Hannah Enciso, attending college to study her lifelong passion was a dream come true.

The theatre major from Romeo, Michigan, chose Ohio Northern University because it afforded her opportunities to learn from the best in a multitude of areas centering around media and the arts. Whether singing, dancing, acting, drawing, painting, writing or even makeup, Enciso says ONU taught her to get better at all the things she loves to do.

“ONU provided me with the thorough education I was looking for. The environment fostered friendship and critical thinking about the media we produce. Everyone was a family that shared knowledge and talent with one another,” she says.

Enciso’s love for the performing arts is rooted in her childhood love of Disney musicals and seeing children her age performing. 

In addition to being all about that theatre life, Enciso was also very involved on campus. She was a member the Gospel Ensemble, Sigma Tau Delta, Theta Alpha Phi and she served as the vice president of Open Doors, which she credits with providing a “fun, soothing atmosphere.” 

After an internship at a children's theatre in Michigan, she plans to move to Chicago and pursue opportunities.