Aliya Mitchell, BSCE '24

Photo of Aliyah with her cap and gown

Next step: Staff Engineer, CESO, Inc., Columbus

Turning passion into profession: Aliya will be a staff engineer in the public works department at CESO, Inc., a full-service engineering firm in Columbus, Ohio. “Through my career efforts, I hope to contribute positively to the movement for sustainable urban development and conservation, ensuring a greener and more inclusive future for all.”

Launching a new club: At ONU, she founded a new student organization called Parks and REC (Recreation, Education, Conservation), to increase awareness of the importance of conserving natural outdoor spaces. “From guided hikes to outdoor workshops, the club encourages students to connect with nature and appreciate its beauty, while teaching them how to minimize their impact on the environment.”

Two impactful mentors: Two civil and environmental engineering professors guided Aliya’s career direction: Dr. Lauren Logan and Dr. Bryan Boulanger. Their teaching increased her understanding of resource utilization and sustainability, as well as urban planning and design. “Their support, mentorship, and kindness as my academic advisors played a crucial role in my growth and development.”

Networking and knowledge: Aliya participated in Concrete Canoe competitions, traveled to London and France with classmates to explore urban planning and historic sites, engaged in an amazing capstone project for the city of Kenton, and attended professional engineer conferences in Detroit, Los Angeles, and other cities. These outside-the-classroom experiences not only grew her knowledge, but instilled her with confidence and purpose as a female engineer. “They helped me develop my ‘why’ for being a civil engineer.”

Soccer scene: A fun fact about Aliya: she’s a huge soccer fan, especially of the Columbus Crew. To earn extra money in college, she refereed local middle school and high school games. “I’ve seen plenty of my ONU professors and their kids on the field. Some profs are coaches. Luckily, no one has gotten ejected!”