Display Name Email Office Phone Title
Justin Courtney j-courtney@onu.edu McIntosh Center 419-772-2401 Director of Residence Life
Ashley Hunter a-hunter.2@onu.edu McIntosh Center 419-772-2431 Executive Administrative Specialist
Jacob Isaacson j-isaacson@onu.edu McIntosh Center 419-772-2432 Assistant Director of Student Involvement; Coordinator of Student Activities
Anissa Jenkins a-jenkins.1@onu.edu McIntosh Center 419-772-2430 Senior Residence Life Specialist
Jennifer Lambdin j-lambdin@onu.edu McIntosh Center 419-772-3968 Director of Student Involvement
Teresa Roberts t-roberts@onu.edu McIntosh Center 419-772-3557 Senior Administrative Specialist
Chad Shepherd c-shepherd.2@onu.edu McIntosh Center 419-772-2434 Director of Student Conduct; Student Discipline Administrator
Adriane Thompson Bradshaw a-thompson@onu.edu McIntosh Center 419-772-2433 Vice President for Student Affairs