Display Name Email Office Phone Title
Ellie Beckwith-McManus e-mcmanus.1@onu.edu Lehr Memorial 301B 419-772-2073 Executive Director of Development for Arts and Sciences and Special Projects
Jeff Coleman j-coleman@onu.edu King-Horn Center 221 419-772-2693 Senior Director of Development for Athletics
Ann Donnelly Hamilton a-donnelly@onu.edu Lehr Memorial 301 419-772-2040 Events and Special Projects Coordinator
Kelsey Jones k-jones.14@onu.edu Lehr Memorial 306 419-772-2037 Advancement Services Coordinator
Bonnie King b-king.2@onu.edu Lehr Memorial 306 419-772-2231 Part-Time Advancement Services Specialist
Kelly Lawrie k-lawrie@onu.edu Lehr Memorial 302A 419-772-1853 Director of Stewardship and Campaigns
Kim Opp k-opp@onu.edu Lehr Memorial 302 419-772-2035 Advancement Development and Prospect Research Coordinator
Tricia Profit-Kuhn t-profit-kuhn@onu.edu James Lehr Kennedy 109C 419-772-2390 Director of Development for the College of Engineering
Beau Slater b-slater.1@onu.edu Dicke Hall 123 419-772-4022 Director of Development for the College of Business
Jennifer Snyder j-snyder.5@onu.edu Lehr Memorial 301 419-772-2398 Advancement Services Coordinator
Shannon Spencer s-spencer@onu.edu Lehr Memorial 302B 419-772-2036 Vice President for Advancement
Scott Wills s-wills@onu.edu Robertson-Evans 207A 419-772-2705 Assistant Vice President for Advancement; Director of Development for the College of Pharmacy; Head Coach of Women's Tennis