Display Name Email Office Phone Title
Holly Baumgartner h-baumgartner@onu.edu Dukes Memorial 207 419-772-2130 Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences; Rank of Professor
Joyce Buetner j-buetner@onu.edu Dukes Memorial 100 419-772-3967 Adjunct Instructor of English
Michelle Falke m-falke@onu.edu Dukes Memorial 207D 419-772-3570 Assistant to the Dean for Special Programs
Ann Hood b-hood@onu.edu 525 S Main St 419-772-2112 Advanced Administrative Assistant
Terry Kindig t-kindig@onu.edu Dukes Memorial 115 419-772-3967 Adjunct Instructor of English
Heidi Leek h-leek@onu.edu Dukes Memorial 206 419-772-2130 Arts & Sciences Dean's Coordinator
Ranjita Nepal r-nepal@onu.edu Dukes Memorial 206 419-772-2130 University Assistant
Sandra Schroeder s-schroeder@onu.edu Dukes Memorial 207C 419-772-2131 Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences; Associate Professor of Mathematics
Melissa Verb m-verb@onu.edu Dukes Memorial 207D 419-772-2534 Assistant Dean of Arts and Sciences