Display Name Email Office Phone Title
Robert Alexander r-alexander@onu.edu Hill Memorial 213 419-772-2093 Professor of Political Science; Chair of the Department of History, Political Science and Geography
Lisa Bradley l-bradley@onu.edu Hill Memorial Lecturer in History, Politics and Justice
Russ Crawford r-crawford.2@onu.edu Hill Memorial 208 419-772-2081 Professor of History
Russell Decker r-decker@onu.edu Hill Memorial 204 419-772-2090 Adjunct Instructor of Political Science
Theresa Schroeder Hageman t-hageman@onu.edu Hill Memorial 204B 419-772-2088 Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science
Michael Loughlin m-loughlin@onu.edu Hill Memorial 202C 419-772-2092 Professor of History
Kofi Nsia-Pepra k-nsia-pepra@onu.edu Hill Memorial 209 419-772-2672 Associate Professor of Political Science
Katy Rossiter k-rossiter@onu.edu Hill Memorial 204C 419-772-2096 Assistant Professor of Geography
David Strittmatter d-strittmatter@onu.edu Hill Memorial 210 419-772-3562 Visiting Assistant Professor of Public History/ Museum Studies
Adam Vermillion a-vermillion@onu.edu Hill Memorial 204 419-772-2090 Adjunct Instructor of History
Robert Waters r-waters@onu.edu Hill Memorial 212 419-772-3966 Associate Professor of History
Anne Whitesell a-whitesell@onu.edu Hill Memorial 211 419-772-3926 Assistant Professor of Political Science