Photo Display Name Department Email/Phone Office Title Degree
Photo of Stacey Lowery
Stacey Lowery Bretz Arts & Sciences, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Dukes Memorial 207 Dean of the Getty College of Arts & Sciences; Professor of Chemistry BA, Cornell University
MS, Penn State University
PHD, Cornell University
Photo of Brenda
Brenda Hoyt-Brackman Arts & Sciences
Dukes Memorial 207 Assistant Dean for Student Success BFA, Wright State University
Photo of Heidi
Heidi Leek Arts & Sciences
Dukes Memorial 207 Executive Administrative Assistant
Photo of Barbara
Barbara Meek Advancement, Arts & Sciences
Dukes Memorial 300B Director of Development for the College of Arts & Sciences BA, Ohio Northern University
Photo of Melissa
Melissa Verb Arts & Sciences
Dukes Memorial 207 Senior Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Education MS, Ohio University