Megan Wood

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Megan Wood
Instructor of Communication Studies
Performing Arts Center 127
525 South Main Street, Ada, OH, 45810
Academic Credentials
Research Interests
Employee degree:

BA, Christopher Newport University

MA, University of South Florida

PHD, Univ of North Carolina Chapel


Megan Wood is an Assistant Professor of Communication and Culture at Ohio Northern University in the Communication and Media Studies program. She researches, teaches, and writes broadly about matters of identity, inequality, and U.S. political culture. 

Her book-in-progress, Dispatches from the Interregnum: Essays on Corporate Power and U.S. Political Culture, probes the implications of corporate empowerment for political identity and the domain of civic practice in the United States through the lens of popular culture.

Wood also writes regularly on the histories and responsibilities of the practice of cultural studies and on teaching cultural studies, and is actively conspiring with others to build better, accessible spaces for enabling the kinds of transdisciplinary, collaborative work required for effectively facing the difficulties of our historical present.

Recent Scholarship: 

Fisher, Jill, Megan M. Wood, and Torin Monahan. (2021). Speculating on Precarious Income: Finance Cultures and the Risky Strategies of Healthy Volunteers in Clinical Drug Trials. Journal of Cultural Economy 14 (4): 464–484.

Wood, Megan M. (2019). On ‘Telling Better Stories’: Lawrence Grossberg and Cultural Studies in the Present. Cultural Studies 33 (1): 19–28.

Wood, Megan M. (2019). Conjuncturally Teaching. In Jaafar Aksikas and Sean Andrews (eds.) Cultural Studies in the Classroom and Beyond: Critical Pedagogies and Classroom Strategies. New York: Palgrave MacMillan.

Wood, Megan M. (2018). All in the Family? Journal of Cultural Economy 11 (1): 83-88.

Brownlow, Ryan and Megan M. Wood (co-first author). (2017). Not About White Workers: The Perils of Popular Ethnographic Narrative in the Time of Trump. Lateral: Journal of the Cultural Studies Association 6 (2): 1–15.

Classes Taught: 

CAMS 1301: Presentational Speaking

CAMS 2321: Group Dynamics and Team Interaction

CAMS 341: Communication, Gender, & Culture

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