Linda Young

Linda Young
Professor of Biological Sciences; Assistant Director of the School of Science, Technology, and Mathematics; Deputy Coordinator of Title IX
Meyer Hall of Science 172
525 South Main Street, Ada, OH, 45810
Academic Credentials
ONU QM Certificate
Research Interests
My diverse research interests allow me to work collaboratively with colleagues from a variety of Schools and Colleges. My primary interests include: validation of Native American ethnobotany, best practices for preventing disease transmission in the
Employee degree:

BS, Wittenberg University

MS, Ohio State University (The)

PHD, Ohio State University (The)


Recent Scholarship:

Vicki Abrams Motz, Linda Mull Young, Meredith E. Motz, and Suzanne C. Young, A Sticking Point in Assessing Bacterial Contamination: Adhesive Characters of Bacterial Specializations, Swab Features, and Fomite Surface Properties Skew Colony Counts, J Pure Appl Microbiol., 2019; 13(4):2533-2544.

Young, L.M., Peters, B., Davis, A., Krynak, K., Beaschler, R.E., Dyer, H., and Motz, V.A. 2018. Clean Hands → Healthy Wrestlers:  Effectiveness of Hand Cleaning in Reducing Bacterial Load During Wrestling Competitions.  Health Sciences Research.  ISSN: 2375-379X.

Anderson, R.P and L.M. Young. 2016. Visualizing Microbiology. Wiley & Sons, Inc. (second edition scheduled for release November, 2020)


Classes Taught:

BIOL 1151 Medical Terminology

BIOL 1301 - Biology 1 for Majors

BIOL 2151 Nursing Microbiology

BIOL 3091 Integrated Plant Anatomy and Physiology

BIOL 3211 Introduction to Immunology

BIOL 3231 Introduction to Virology

BIOL 3461 Clinical Microbiology

BIOL 3511 Cell Biology


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