Bradley Wile

Brad Wile
Associate Professor of Chemistry; Director of the School of Science, Technology, and Mathematics
Meyer Hall of Science 118A
525 South Main St, Ada, OH, 45810
Research Interests
Chemical synthesis, homogeneous catalysis, sustainability
Employee degree:

BS, St Francis Xavier University

PHD, Dalhousie University


Recent Scholarship

Ternes, V. A.; Morgan, H. A.; Lanquist, A. P.; Murray, M. J.; Wile, B. M. “Ruthenium(II) complexes bearing thioether-appended α-iminopyridine ligands: Arene precursors permit access to κ2-N,N and κ3-N,N,S complexes.” Applied Organometallic Chemistry 2020, 34(4), e5459.

Graziano, B. J.; Collins, E. M.; McCutcheon, N. M.; Griffith, C. L.; Braunscheidel, N. M.; Perrine, T. M.; Wile, B. M. “Palladium complexes bearing κ2-N,N and κ3-N,N,O pendant amine bis(phenolate) ligands.” Inorg. Chim. Acta 2019, 484, 185-196.

Wile, B. M. “Translating lessons learned in the platinum group to base metal complexes featuring sterically-demanding amine bis(phenolate) ligands.” 258th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, San Diego CA, Aug 25, 2019.

Classes Taught

CHEM 1711/1721 - General Chemistry 1 & 2

CHEM 3711 - Inorganic Chemistry 1

CHEM 4721 - Inorganic Chemistry 2


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