Graduating students at Ohio Northern


All recent graduates are asked to notify the Office of Polar Careers during spring semester of your graduating year about your career status regardless of whether you have or have not accepted a placement. This allows us to continue to provide support to you until November after your graduation date. At that time, if you wish to retain your active status with Polar Careers, request Active Alumni Services.

After spring semester, if you have not yet accepted a placement, please notify the Polar Careers Office when you DO accept an opportunity.

As an Ohio Northern alumnus, you are entitled to the same career advisory services that students receive for life.

  •  Meet with a professional advisor either in person, by phone or via email.
  •  Post your résumé in Polar Careers (powered by Symplicity) for employers to see and to search for jobs. Use CareerShift under Polar Careers (powered by Symplicity) to search for jobs and make connections.
  •  Attend career fairs.
  •  To activate your access to services, please send an email to with the following information:
      - Full name (include maiden name if applicable)
      - Current address
      - Email
      - Cell number
      - Major
      - Graduation date

You will receive an email when your services have been activated along with further instructions. Services remain active for six months and are renewable with email notification.

As an alumna/alumnus, there are numerous ways you can contribute to ONU’s success by providing a helping hand to those students who are on campus now.

  •  Mentor current students
  •  Participate in mock interviews
  •  Encourage your organization to attend ONU career fairs and conduct on-campus recruiting
  •  Let us know about open positions within your organization
  •  Network with us so you can refer ONU students for positions within your organization (You may be able to receive referral fees from your employer)

For more information, contact the Polar Careers office at or 419-772-2145.