MSA Scholarships


Scholarships for the MSA program will be awarded based on the following:


Full-time Students Only

College from which the applicant earned an undergraduate degree 

  • ONU graduates receive $7,500*
  • Graduates from Dicke Distinction** schools receive $5,000


Full-time and Part-time Students

Applicant's undergraduate GPA (at the time of application)

  • GPA-based scholarships awarded based on the table below:
GPA Scholarship
3.00-3.24 $1,000
3.25-3.49 $2,500
3.50-3.74 $4,000
3.75-4.00 $5,000


*Current ONU undergraduate students are no longer eligible for most federal and state grants, ONU undergraduate scholarships, and external scholarships designated for undergraduate work only after graduating from the BSBA program. The financial aid package for the graduate degree will differ from the undergraduate financial aid package.

**Dicke Distinction schools have signed articulation agreements with the MSA program. Under this agreement, two qualified applicants from the Dicke Distinction school will be admitted and receive a $5,000 scholarship. Additional qualified applicants will be evaluated based on capacity in the program. Current agreements include the following:

  • Walsh University
  • University of Mount Union
  • Indiana University East
  • Bluffton University
  • Hiram College
  • Defiance College
  • Tiffin University