"Do all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. In all the places you can."
– John Wesley, Founder, United Methodist Church

Ace Day Students in Action

Ada Community Engagement Day, or ACE Day, is a University tradition held on the Saturday of Welcome Weekend. ACE Day provides an opportunity for incoming freshmen to serve the Ada community, their new home for the next four, five or six years. Projects include a variety of tasks, such as painting, gardening, washing fire trucks and more. In 2021, 200 students and 26 faculty and staff members participated in the festivities. ACE Day 2022 will be held on Saturday, August 20, 2022.

Students from a variety of majors and programs come together, and, while the sites are not necessarily linked to a particular major, many of our students find the link between service and their chosen academic paths. One student wrote:

I think that it is important to work with others, develop personal relationships and be accepting of everybody. This can be related to my major, pharmacy, in the sense that when working with a patient, it is important to develop close relationships. You want open communication between the patient and yourself, and, no matter what your differences are, you will still have to work with and help them any way you can.



Don’t miss out on this opportunity to meet new friends and make a difference in your home away from home. Explore the different parts of town in which you will spend the next few academic years. If you are a pharmacy major, this will count towards community service hours for the semester – and for a great cause. While at Ohio Northern University and preparing for your career, it is important to remember the words of Winston Churchill: “We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.”

Save the date for Saturday, August 20, 2022! All new students are encouraged to get involved and volunteer! Sign-up link coming soon!



Do you have service projects around your home, church or business that would benefit from student volunteers from Ohio Northern? Registration is currently live, so sign up today! The types of projects could range from painting, landscaping, cleaning, washing vehicles or other outside projects. You are responsible for providing all materials, tools and instructions, as well as supervision at your project. 

Deadline to sign up as a host site is Monday, August 1, 2022.