Ohio Northern University provides electronic transcript service (eTranscript) through the National Student Clearinghouse, a third-party vendor. In order to be able to provide the eTranscript service, ALL transcript orders will be placed through the National Student Clearinghouse, and a fee will be charged. You may use any major credit/debit card to place your order.

Summer 2023 Transcript Availability:

Undergraduates, Pharmacy  and MSA – Transcripts will be available for ordering on May 29, 2023.

Law  – Transcripts will be available for ordering on June 12, 2023.

Medical Lab Science - Transcripts will be available for ordering on May 29, 2023.

Financial obligations to Ohio Northern University must be satisfied before a transcript can be released.

If you have a hold on your student record, your request will not be processed until the hold is resolved. Your transcript request will remain active for 30 days to give you time to resolve your hold. If after 30 days your hold has not been resolved, your transcript request order will be canceled. Your credit/debit card will not be charged until the order has been fulfilled.

Transcripts are $5.10 each plus the chosen delivery option fee (below). There is a $2.90 National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) online processing fee per delivery option/per recipient.



Electronic PDF: You have the option to request that an electronic transcript be sent via email. Electronic transcripts are official and are sent through the National Student Clearinghouse. Transcripts are received by the recipient within 24 hours after it is sent. We recommend that you first check with the recipient before ordering to be sure they will accept it in the electronic PDF format. The cost is $1.00 per recipient.

  • Electronic transcripts cannot be sent for students completing attendance before fall 1994. Those students should select the “Mail” option delivery method when ordering through the NSC online service. These transcripts will be processed manually by the Ohio Northern University registrar’s office.

  • If you choose to send an electronic PDF and the recipient never opens it, we cannot refund the cost of that transcript.

  • PDFs cannot be saved or forwarded. They may be printed.

Express United States: Transcripts sent anywhere in the United States by USPS Express Mail
The cost is $60 for each address.

Express International: Transcripts sent internationally (including Canada/Mexico) by USPS Express Mail
The cost is $90 for each address.

Regular Mail (U.S. and International): Processing time is between two and five days.
The cost is $2 per recipient.

FAX: The National Student Clearinghouse no longer offers to fax as a delivery option.  Please consider choosing electronic delivery instead.  Remember to check with your recipient to be sure they will accept the transcript via the electronic delivery option.

Hold for Pickup: Transcript(s) will be ready for pickup in the Ohio Northern University registrar’s office two hours after you receive your email notice that it is ready. (ONU needs a two-hour window to allow for internal processing.) Students must show ID when picking up a transcript. Transcripts not picked up after 30 days will be destroyed, and a new transcript will have to be requested at an additional cost. There are no refunds for transcripts not picked up. The cost is $1.75 per recipient.



Now: Transcripts will include all graded and in-progress classes and degrees earned as of the day your request is processed.

**Having your transcript held for grades and/or degrees is not an option. If you wish to have your transcript accurately reflect semester grades, GPA, Dean’s List, degrees awarded, etc., you should wait until the date listed above to place your order.**

You may upload up to three documents to be attached to or mailed with your transcript. Acceptable documents include scholarship applications or licensure request forms (e.g. LSAC, AMCAS). You will be presented with this option when placing your order. Processing time does not reflect delivery time. Ohio Northern University cannot be responsible for transcripts lost in the mail, or electronic PDF transcripts not picked up by the recipient. No transcripts will be processed on days the University is closed.




1. Log in to your Self-Service Banner account
2. Click on the "Student" tab
3. Click “National Student Clearinghouse [Transcripts]” located in the middle of the page
4. Complete the transcript request process
5. If you need to submit a form to the recipient along with your transcript, there will be an attachment option available
6. When prompted for your ONU student ID number, please note that all student ID numbers begin with a capital "A" followed by eight numeric digits. So, if your ID card has 00011122201 as your ID number, you would enter it as A00111222, leaving off the last two digits. Example: your card = 00011122201, your ID number = A00111222



Go to

1. On the top right, click the Order-Track-Verify tab, then click Order or Track a Transcript.
2. Type in "Ohio Northern University" and click "Continue".
3. This will take you directly to the Ohio Northern University transcript ordering page. Read, scroll to the bottom, and click START.