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Public health is a growing and exciting field. With a focus on the big picture, public health seeks to prevent disease, promote health, and achieve equity in local communities, the country and the world.

In this field, you’ll work with evidence-based knowledge, applying the scientific method to create interventions with maximum impact. You’ll also work in interdisciplinary teams with experts who have diverse knowledge of the biological, social, and environmental factors that shape disease.

At ONU, be prepared to learn as much about public health outside the classroom as you do in. You’ll have opportunities to engage in research, work on real-world projects, and network and collaborate with health professionals and organizations locally, nationally and internationally.

You’ll also benefit from small class sizes and a safe campus. Our dedicated and distinguished professors will get to know you. They will become personally invested in your success and open doors. 

Upon graduation, you’ll have a flexible skill set and comprehensive knowledge. You’ll be ready for any challenge in the public health field or graduate school. You could find yourself tracking Ebola cases to halt an international outbreak, promoting vaccinations to reduce preventable childhood diseases, reducing lung cancer and heart disease by helping smokers quit, or monitoring air quality to provide ozone warnings to those with lung disease!