Type of Offering
Preprofessional Program
Arts & Sciences

Pre-veterinary can be declared along with your undergraduate major. We will assign you a faculty advisor who will work with you from day one until you graduate. Your pre-professional/academic advisor will help you design a program of study that will prepare you for the rigors of veterinary school. 

Expect a mix of challenging classes with a strong emphasis on anatomy, biology, chemistry and mathematics. Your academic progress will be closely monitored to make sure your GPA stays solid. Our professors go above and beyond to provide extra help and tutoring if needed. You’ll also have access to study sessions and other assistance in preparation for entrance examinations like the DAT and GRE.

Large institutions just can’t provide the individualized attention and opportunity you’ll find here. You’ll spend a lot of time in the lab, designing and conducting experiments. You’ll even get to dissect a human cadaver – a rare opportunity for an undergraduate student. Most likely, you’ll assist a professor with grant-funded research, co-author a paper, or present at regional or national scientific conferences. These impressive accomplishments will stand out on your admissions applications.

Our Pre-med Advisory Committee will assist you with your dental school admissions search. Here, you’ll enjoy small classes, a safe campus and lasting friendships. Your professors will make it their mission to help you get accepted into the school of your choice, and to excel once you are there. They will be able to write you heartfelt letters of recommendation because they will truly know you and your accomplishments.

Upon graduation, you’ll be ready to make a difference in the dental science field – wherever your path leads!