Our interdisciplinary neuroscience program prepares you for a wide-variety of career paths in healthcare or academic research. In fact, we’ll help you uncover the area of neuroscience you’re most passionate about and where you can make the biggest impact.

What will I learn as a Neuroscience major at ONU?

As a neuroscience major, you’ll explore neural function at the micro level (biology, chemistry of neurons, DNA, proteins) and macro level (psychology). You’ll gain a deeper understanding of how neurons and other cells in the nervous system work to produce normal and abnormal behaviors, with coursework in the areas of biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics and psychology.

From day one, you’ll be heavily engaged in research. Unlike at large institutions, you’ll get to know your professors who will mentor and guide you. They will provide opportunities for you to assist in their research labs, co-author papers and present at academic conferences. Our program also includes a senior capstone where you’ll learn research techniques in three different labs--psychology, biology, and chemistry--and propose your own research project under the guidance of faculty.  You’ll learn all about brain activity and brain function.

From the moment you arrive on campus, you’ll feel at home. You’ll enjoy small class sizes, a safe campus, amazing friendships and challenging academics. Upon graduation, you’ll have the solid academic foundation and broad research experience you’ll need to get into a top graduate school.