Type of Offering

The leadership studies minor will challenge you to learn more about the theories and practices of effective leadership and apply them while you are in school and beyond. The minor is an interdisciplinary program, meaning professors from across the University teach the courses, providing you with unique perspectives on leadership in many fields and industries. The minor requires 19 credit hours. You’ll take a required Introduction to Leadership Studies course (3 hrs) and Leadership Capstone (1 hr). In addition, you’ll need to take one leadership ethics course (five course options available) and one summative leadership course (five course options available). The remaining credit hours can be fulfilled by choosing from a list of elective course options. The leadership studies minor complements any major and is designed for any student who envisions a future in a leadership role. Upon graduation, you’ll have a deeper understanding of leadership as it relates to working in organizations as well as how leadership impacts the broader society.