Data analytics is integral to many industries. That’s why our program is interdisciplinary in nature. You’ll explore the subject from multiple perspectives and learn from knowledgeable professors with expertise in a variety of areas.

Choose between four focus areas: geography, marketing, social media and health informatics. You’ll take courses in your focus area as well as in computer science, data science, statistics and other disciplines. You’ll also examine the ethical concerns surrounding the mining of public data by private and public organizations.

At ONU, you’ll experience a close-knit campus with small class sizes, enduring friendships with peers and individualized attention from faculty. In fact, your professors will help you uncover your strengths and interests. They will become personally invested in your future success. For any programmatic questions, please reach out to Professor Miller. 

With opportunities for hands-on learning, you’ll build skills in communication, teamwork and critical thinking. Upon graduation, you’ll be a nimble professional who can lead teams in a high-tech, rapidly changing environment. Your versatile degree will open doors in many different fields – from healthcare to government, marketing to social media.