Computer Science Minor          
The minor in Computer Science includes three required courses and three computer science  
elective courses (9 credit hours minimum) for a total minimum number of credit hours of 20.  
Courses Course No. Credit hours      
Programming 1 ECCS 1611 4      
Programming 2 ECCS 1621 4      
Data Structures & Algorithms 1 ECCS 2671 3      
CS Elective*   3      
CS Elective   3      
CS Elective   3      
*At least one of the CS Electives must be at the 3xxx (junior) level.      
Note for College of Engineering majors: students with a computer engineering major  
are prohibited from receiving a minor in computer science. Students with an electrical  
engineering major take two courses that count toward a CS minor (ECCS 1721, Digital Logic
and ECCS 3351, Real-Time Embedded Apps).        
Computer Science Minor Electives          
Intro Data Science ECCS 2011        
Machine Learning ECCS 2021        
Software Design Patterns ECCS 2411        
Mobile App Development ECCS 2431        
Web Development ECCS 2441        
Data Structures & Alg 2 ECCS 2681        
Data Mining ECCS 3021        
Big Data Analytics ECCS 3031        
Computer Security ECCS 3411        
Software Engineering ECCS 3421        
User Interface Design ECCS 3451        
Databases ECCS 3481        
Computer Architecture ECCS 3611        
Operating Systems ECCS 3661        
Advanced Network Security ECCS 4321        
Digital Image Processing ECCS 4361        
Programming Languages ECCS 4411        
Theory of Computation ECCS 4431        
Applied Computer Security ECCS 4441