Relocation Services
















All new full-time faculty and administrative staff required to move in excess of 50 miles to facilitate fulfillment of an employment requirement will be eligible for relocation assistance.

• The University will cover $3,000 in relocation expenses.

• Self-move: This reimbursement will cover all IRS-approved expenses such as truck rental and related fuel costs, trailer rental, mileage at the IRS-approved rate for your personal household vehicle(s) used in a move, lodging, and professional paid labor at loading and unloading.

• Professional move: Choosing this option would require submission of three moving company estimates to Human Resources.

All moving expenses incurred on or after Jan. 1, 2018, reimbursed to an individual are taxable income to the individual.

All relocation reimbursements must be reviewed by Human Resources, and the IRS Publication 521 for moving expenses must be used as a guide to covered expenses.