Account Set Up

You will receive two emails once your student has set you up as an Authorized User. One will provide you with your username(your email address) and the other will provide you with your password.
1. Click on the link
2. Enter your email address and password from the two emails received
3. Click Login. This will prompt you to change your password.


Payment portal sample image1

4. Enter Your Full Name
5. Enter your New password and confirm your New password
6. Click Save

Home Page:
From the Home Page you can view statements and the current balance due

Payment portal sample image2


My Account:
From this menu Authorized Users can view Current Activity, Statements, and Payment History

Current Activity
This screen allows you to view transactions by term by selecting the term.
Estimated Financial Aid and Account Activity will also display on this page

Payment portal sample image3


This screen allows you to view the Most Recent Billing Statement, the Current Account Balance, and the Activity Since Last Statement

Payment portal sample image4


Make Payment:
From this screen you can view the balance, make a payment, or view pending payments.
To Make a Payment

  1. Click the Make Payment link at the top
  2. Type in the amount you want to pay
  3. Click Continue
  4. Then follow the prompts to select your payment method and confirm your payment

Payment portal sample image5


Payment Plans:
This screen allows Authorized Users to set up a Payment Plan.
To Set up a Payment Plan
1. Click Enroll Now

Payment portal sample image6

2. Next you will be prompted to select the term you want to set up the payment plan for (Please note that a new payment plan must be set up for each semester)
3. Then you will be prompted to select the Payment Plan you wish to use(Plan options include Monthly or Bi-weekly payments)
4. Preview your information. Then click Continue
5. You can then click Display Payment Schedule, which will bring up a list of your scheduled payments for the semester

Payment portal sample image7

6. Review your payment schedule, and decide if you want to set up auto payments or not(If you want to set up auto payments, follow the instructions given to set up the payments)

Payment portal sample image8

7. Click Continue
8. Select your Payment Method from the dropdown box and click Select
9. Review the Payment Plan agreement, and click I Agree
10. Click Continue
11. Once you have agreed to the terms of the payment plan you should be sent an email confirmation that will list your payments and due dates


My Profile:
This screen allows you to change your password, your personal profile, and your preferences. You can also view saved payment methods and add new payment methods.

Payment portal sample image9


To add a Payment Method
1. Click on the drop-down arrow and select your Payment Method
2. Select your account type and enter your account information
3. Click Continue

Payment portal sample image10