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Celebrating a Legacy of Excellence



The Board of Trustees of Ohio Northern University presents

The Inauguration of Daniel A. DiBiasio

Eleventh President of Ohio Northern University
Oct. 7, 2011
The Village of Ada, Ohio






Schedule of events

Thursday, October 6, 2011

1-3 p.m., Academic Symposium
"Enhancing Student Learning and Success at ONU: The Promise of High-Impact Practices"
Keynote Speaker: George D. Kuh

7:30 p.m. Inauguration Symphony Concert
Reception to Follow

Friday, October 7, 2011

1 p.m., Investiture

3 p.m., Reception


About Daniel A. DiBiasio


Daniel A. DiBiasio becomes the 11th president of Ohio Northern University. He was president of Wilmington College since 1995, overseeing excellent growth in the college’s academic and advancement affairs. In his 16 years at Wilmington, the college added four undergraduate academic programs and the college’s first graduate program.

The college also built and renovated two student apartment complexes, built an equine science center, and renovated and expanded the Boyd Cultural Arts Center, which includes the newly constructed Meriam R. Hare Quaker Heritage Center, and the David and June Harcum Art Gallery.

DiBiasio brings more than 30 years experience to his new position at Ohio Northern. He began his career in 1974 at Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Mont., where he served as an admissions counselor and dean of students. After earning his Ph.D. at Ohio State University, he was appointed assistant dean of the graduate school. He was an executive officer on the council of presidents for the New England Land Grant Universities from 1984-87. At the University of New Hampshire, DiBiasio served as executive assistant to the president from 1987-91 and interim vice president of student affairs from 1991-95.

DiBiasio has held leadership roles in higher education on the national and state levels. He served on the Board of the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities and chaired its Student Aid Committee. He also served on the Division III Presidents Council of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, as vice chair elect of the Ohio Foundation
of Independent Colleges, and as chair of the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Ohio.

After earning a Bachelor of Arts in English from Ohio Wesleyan University, DiBiasio received his master’s degree and Ph.D. from Ohio State University. Throughout his career in higher education, he has taught at the undergraduate and graduate levels, published, and given scholarly presentations at national and regional conferences.

DiBiasio is married to Chris Burns-DiBiasio and they have two sons: Matthew, 27, and Michael, 23.


Order of Academic Procession

Grand Marshal
Jonathan S. Smalley, Professor of Civil Engineering

Banner Bearer
Harold L. Putt, Professor of Mathematics

University Marshals
Michael M. Milks, Professor of Pharmacology;
Ellen S. Wilson, Associate Professor of History and Chair, Department of History, Political Science, and Criminal Justice


Vice Presidents


Ohio Northern University Faculty

State, Regional and National Higher Education Presidents and Delegates

Stage Party
Daniel A. DiBiasio, President, Ohio Northern University
Robert C. Smith, Chairman, Ohio Northern University Board of Trustees
Rory W. Stauber, Interim University Chaplain
Bruce R. Ough, Bishop, Ohio West Area of the United Methodist Church
Dale T. Knobel, President, Denison University
David A. Retterer, Mayor, Ada, Ohio
Sherry Young, Professor of Law, Ohio Northern University
Brenda Hamlin, Executive Administrative Specialist, Office of Admissions, Ohio Northern University
Marsha McMunn, President, Ohio Northern University Student Senate
Oscar J. Mifsud, Vice Chairman, Ohio Northern University Board of Trustees
Chris Burns-DiBiasio, Director of Community Relations and First Lady, Ohio Northern University
David C. Crago, Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs, Ohio Northern University
Gordon A. Haaland, President Emeritus and Professor of Psychology, Gettysburg College
John J. Bishop, Vice Chairman, Ohio Northern University Board of Trustees
Mary Jo Yeakel, Pastor, First United Methodist Church, Ada


Order of the Ceremony

Processional – ONU Wind Orchestra
Overture from Music for the Royal Fireworks, George Friederich Handel

Academic Procession

The National Anthem – University Singers
Arranged by James McKelvy

Welcome – Robert C. Smith

Invocation – Rory W. Stauber

Greetings from Bishop Bruce R. Ough

Greetings from President Dale T. Knobel

Greetings from Mayor David A. Retterer

Musical interlude – University Singers
Hark I Hear the Harps Eternal, arranged by Alice Parker

Greetings from the Faculty – Sherry A. Young

Greetings from Staff – Brenda Hamlin

Greetings from the Student Body – Marsha McMunn

Greetings from Trustee – Oscar J. Mifsud

Greetings from Family – Chris Burns-DiBiasio

Special Music – The ONU Wind Orchestra

Vision Fanfare, Dr. Eric Knechtges

Introduction of Gordon A. Haaland – David C. Crago

Remarks for the Occasion and Introduction of Daniel A. DiBiasio – Gordon A. Haaland

Investiture – Medallion presented by David C. Crago, Robert C.Smith and John J. Bishop

Inaugural Address – President Daniel A. DiBiasio

Ohio Northern Hymn – The ONU Wind Orchestra and University Singers

Ohio Northern, we love thy name;
Ohio Northern, long live thy fame!
We sing thy glory, sound forth thy praise
For all that gladdens our dear college days.
Ohio Northern, we will be true,
Loyal forever to dear ONU.

Benediction – Mary Jo Yeakel

Recessional – ONU Wind Orchestra
The Rejoicing from Music for the Royal Fireworks, George Friederich Handel

The audience is requested to remain in place until all faculty members and platform party members have recessed.



1742 – Moravian College
Martin E. White, Alumnus

1781 – Washington & Jefferson College
Charles E. Powell

1812 – Lycoming College
Dr. Deanna Barthlow-Potkanowicz, Member Alumni Association

1828 – McKendree University
Mark Markus, Alumnus

1830 – Capital University
Professor Arthur L. Elsass, B.A. Ed.

1831 – Denison University
Dale T. Knobel, President

1833 – Oberlin College
Danette DiBiasio Wineberg, Member, Board of Trustees

1837 – Mount Holyoke College
Suzanne LaPrade Haaland, B.A.

1842 – Ohio Wesleyan University
Rock Jones, President

1850 – Heidelberg University
David Weininger, Ph.D., Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost

1850 – Hiram College
Richard G. Carpenter, A.B.

1850 – The Defiance College
Andrew Schultz, Director of Music Programs

1856 – Lake Erie College
Jana W. Holwick, Ph.D., Vice President for Academic Affairs

1865 – Lehigh University
John W. Smeaton, Vice Provost for Student Affairs

1866 – The College of Wooster
Gretchen Yant Robinson, Alumna, Class of 1959

1870 – Wilmington College
James M. Reynolds, Ph.D., Interim President

1878 – Ashland University
Sue Caudill Heimann, Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs

1887 – Nebraska Wesleyan University
Dr. Randy L. Dyer, Alumnus

1888 – Tiffin University
Kristi Krintzline, Director of Graduate Admissions

1889 – Manchester College
Dr. Philip W. Compton, B.A.

1893 – East Stroudsburg University
Professor Patricia S. Smeaton, Chair, Department of Professional and Secondary Education

1899 – Bluffton University
Dr. James M. Harder, President

1922 – Notre Dame College
David A. Armstrong, J.D., Vice President for Development and General Counsel

1933 – Wilkes University
Dr. Marianne and Gregory Black, Alumni

1958 – Lourdes University
Janet Robinson, Ph.D., Provost


Greetings From Colleges, Universities And Associations

Albion College
American University
Bethel College
Carlow University
Cedarville University
Centenary College
Central Methodist University
DePauw University
Dickinson College
East Stroudsburg University
Emory & Henry College
Florida Southern College
Franklin & Marshall College
Geneva College
Gettysburg College
Green Mountain College
Greensboro College
Gustavus Adolphus College
Hamline University
High Point University
Huntingdon College
Huntington University
John Carroll University
Kalamazoo College
Kansas Wesleyan University
Lawrence Technological University
Lebanon Valley College
Lindsey Wilson College
Lourdes University
Malone University
Manchester College
Mercyhurst College
Mount Vernon Nazarene University
Muhlenberg College
National Association of Schools
of Music
National Communication
Nebraska Wesleyan University
Otterbein University
Paine College
Randolph-Mason College
Reinhardt University
Rust College
Saint Joseph’s University
Seton Hill University
Simpson College
Southwestern University
Spring Arbor University
Thiel College
Union College
University of Dayton
University of Findlay
University of Mount Union
University of the Pacific
University of Puget Sound
University of Rio Grande
Wesley College
Wesleyan College
West Virginia Wesleyan College
Westminster College
Winona State University
Wittenberg University
York College
Young Harris College


Ohio Northern University Board of Trustees

Active Trustees
Robert C. Smith, BSBA ’75, Chairman of the Board
John J. Bishop, BSBA ’72, Vice Chairman of the Board
Oscar J. Mifsud, BSBA ’70, ACIT ’09, Vice Chairman of the Board
Dr. Greg M. Allenby, BSME ’78
Dominic Bartone, BSPh ’77
Larry Boord, BSBA’71, JD ’75
Dr. Donald Campbell, BSME ’59, ACIT ’95, Hon. D. ’98, ACIT ’11
Thomas Compton
Cheryl B. Cotner, BSBA ’68, ACIT ’05
Rev. William E. Croy, Jr., BA ’71, ACIT ’99, H of F ’02
Daniel A. DiBiasio, President of Ohio Northern University
Jason Duff, BSBA ’05
Jennifer Frommer, BSCE ’95
Michael C. Kaufmann, BSBA ’85
James Lehr Kennedy
Robert D. Kerscher, BSBA ’70
Carla F. Kim, BS ’97
Frederick C. Kucklick, BSME ’69, ACIT ’09
Joanne G. Lipski, ACIT ’71, BSBA ’72
The Honorable Benjamin H. Logan II, BSBA ’68, JD ’72, Hon. D. ’92
Robert D. Marotta
Marsha McMunn
Douglas F. Mock, BSBA ’78
Anthony R. Moore
Candada Moore, BA ’78
John Nee, BA ’69
Bishop Bruce R. Ough
Dr. Mark J. Palmer. BSBA ’79, ACIT ’93
Martin S. Paul, BSBA ’65, ACIT ’80
Brenda Reichelderfer, BSEE ’80, ACIT ’02
Robert P. Saltsman, BA ’75, JD ’78
Thomas L. Smith, BSBA ’65
Tammy McIntire Stefanovic, BSPh ’88, ACIT ’01
Janice P. Sweress, BFA ’81, ACIT ’00
Rod Thompson, BA ’69, ACIT ’07
Daniel B. Walker, P.E., BSCE ’71, ACIT ’98
Rev. Merle Walter, BSME ’71
William Witten, BA ’74
Rev. Charles Yoost
Sherry Young

Life Trustees
Carl D. Clay, BSME ’60, Hon. D. ’92
Frank Cosiano, BSPh ’54, ACIT ’93, Hon. D. ’00
DeBow Freed, Hon. D. ’99
Kenneth E. Elshoff, Hon. D. ’97
Vern H. Hakes, PhC ’33, Hon. D. ’76, ACIT ’05
Charles B. Hedrick, Hon. D. ’80
F. Michael Herrel, Hon. D. ’83
Gordon E. Hughes, Hon. D. ’81
Susan J. Insley, JD ’76, ACIT ’85, Hon. D. ’93
Leonard W. Mann, Hon. D. ’74
Thomas P. Moore
Robin R. Obetz, JD ’64, ACIT ’85, Hon. D. ’02
Dr. Ervin W. Pierstorf, ’53, Hon. D. ’78, ACIT ’05
Allen P. Reinhardt
Harrison Shutt, Hon. D. ’92

President’s Cabinet and Deans
David C. Crago, Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs,
Dean of the College of Law
Ken Block, Vice President of Advancement
Adriane Thompson Bradshaw, Vice President of Student Affairs
Lawrence Lesick, Vice President for Enrollment Management
Roger Young, Interim Vice President of Financial Affairs
Juliet Hurtig, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
William Robinson, Executive Assistant to the President
Catherine Albrecht, Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences
James W. Fenton Jr., Dean of the College of Business Administration
Eric T. Baumgartner, Dean of the College of Engineering
Jon E. Sprague, Dean of the College of Pharmacy

Alumni Board
Rodney Thompson, BA ’69, ACIT ’07, President
Travis Crum, BSBA ’03
Edward Gmyrek, BSEd ’65, ACIT ’08
Robert Goldman, BSEd ’63, JD ’66
Scott Greene, BSBA ’90
Kenneth Hall, BSEd ’64
Tonya Hunter, BS ’02, JD ’05
James O’Donnell, JD ’66
Courtney Shabram-Beach, BA ’06
Ranjiv Subramaniam, BA ’00
Stacia Wake, BSBA ’86
Andrew Wolpert, BSCE ’99
Thomas Wiechart, BSPh ’81


Symbols of Investiture

Academic Dress
Academic dress originated with the cap and gown, which were simply worn as the everyday attire of the medieval scholar. In 1895, colleges and universities in the United States adopted a common code of academic dress that dictated three kinds of gowns and three lengths of hoods for bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees.

Three factors must be taken into consideration – the degree, the branch of knowledge and the university by which the degree is granted. The design of the gown’s sleeves designates the degree granted. Many American universities, as well as British ones, now have gowns of characteristic color for the degree-granting institution. The shape and size of the  American hood mark the degree of the wearer, the lining of the hood is indicative of the institution granting the degree, and the velvet trim indicates the major field of knowledge. Caps traditionally have a tassel fastened to the midpoint.

A doctoral cap may have a tassel of gold thread. Ohio Northern University’s president wears a doctoral gown, hood and cap in black with orange.

University Mace
An academic procession is led by a grand marshal or mace-bearer who carries a ceremonial mace. The mace traces its origins to the Roman fasces, a bundle of rods bound together around an axe with the blade projecting, which was carried before magistrates as an emblem of authority. For academic institutions, it symbolizes the power of the president or the board to confer degrees. Ohio Northern University’s mace is bronze and wood and has four polar bear heads on the head.

University Seal
The University seal is in the form of a rondel or circle. The rondel is formed by a band with “Ohio Northern University” inscribed at the top and the University motto, “Ex diversitate
vires,” inscribed at the bottom. The University’s founding date, 1871, appears to the right. The field inside the rondel is divided into five foils, or areas; each contains a symbol of one of the five colleges the University.

  • The College of Arts & Sciences is represented by the traditional lamp of learning, above which are placed five stars representing the divisions of the college: humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, teacher education and fine arts.
  • The College of Engineering is represented by the transit (a machine) and a bolt of lightning.
  • The College of Pharmacy is represented by the Bowl of Hygeia and the sacred serpent, which have become, in modem times, the international signs of the science and profession.
  • The College of Law is represented by a modified balance of justice, bringing together the sword, the balance and education for the legal profession.
  • The College of Business Administration is represented by a line graph. 

The University seal also incorporates a cross, which represents Ohio Northern University’s relationship of to the Methodist Church and its commitments. A Greek cross was specifically used to indicate the University’s non-sectarian approach to learning. This seal was adopted by the Board of Trustees on June 10, 1967, and modified in 1978 when the College of Business Administration was added.

Presidential Medallion
Academic presidential medallions symbolize the wearer’s allegiance to the institution. The chain itself suggests strength in unity. Presidents wear these ornate pieces on ceremonial
occasions as part of their regalia. Ohio Northern University’s presidential medallion is represented by the seal of the University.


About Ohio Northern University

Founded in 1871, Ohio Northern University is a selective, private, comprehensive University, comprising five colleges (Arts & Sciences, Business Administration, Engineering, Pharmacy and Law) that blend nationally ranked arts, sciences and professional programs.

As a United Methodist-related institution of higher learning, Ohio Northern seeks to educate and graduate students accomplished in scholastic achievement, prepared for useful lives and meaningful careers, and inspired with a desire to contribute to the good of humankind consistent with Judeo-Christian ideals.

ONU is a student-centered, service-oriented, values-based institution of higher learning committed to a rigorous pursuit of academic inquiry and achievement. Education is a collaborative process at Ohio Northern. Students work side-by-side with accomplished faculty members in a constant pursuit of new knowledge. The result is serious research, real collaboration, and meaningful learning experiences that extend to both sides of the classroom.

ONU students are talented and motivated. They engage in abundant activities in and out of the classroom and graduate with an education that provides one of the highest returns on investment in the state and the nation.

Ohio Northern is strongly committed to developing policies and practices that are environmentally friendly. Student research led to the construction of three wind turbines on campus, which account for 5-10 percent of the University’s electrical needs. The use of geothermal technology to heat and cool recently built or renovated residential facilities is another recent example of this commitment. The University has been named a Tree Campus USA for the two consecutive years by the nonprofit Arbor Day Foundation. Only 74 universities nationwide have received this honor, placing ONU among the most elite environmentally conscious schools.


Inauguration Committee

Daniel DiBiasio, President
Chris Burns-DiBiasio, Director of Community Relations and First Lady
David Dellifield, Director of McIntosh Center and Dining Services
Carol Flax, Director of Communications and Marketing
Ann Donnelly Hamilton, Director of Alumni Relations
Sharon Hawkins, Administrative Assistant to the President
Juliet Hurtig, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Terri Mathis, General Manager for Sodexho Food Service
Sarah Prasher, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations
Nils Riess, Professor of Communication Arts;
Director of Media Communication Services and Performing Arts; Chair, Department of Communication Arts
William Robinson, Executive Assistant to the President
Marc Staley, Director of Building Operations


Special thanks for the kind and generous donations of these sponsors

Kaludis Consulting
Quest Federal Credit Union
Roby Office Products
Waste Management Inc.
Wallace P. Wetherill Partner BKD LLP
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