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Put to the test

ONU Engineering caps off the year with design-team competitions.

Restore Elikia

The ONU roots of a nonprofit children's charity in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

One Giant Leap for ONU

Engineering students build a replica ‘moon buggy’ for the Armstrong Air & Space Museum.



At Ohio Northern University, we’re educating and preparing students for successful careers, service to the world and a lifetime of personal growth. Our eyes are always on the future, and we’re inspired by the higher values of truth, beauty and goodness.

Ohio Northern offers students an opportunity to grow and develop as a person - both in and out of the classroom. Hitting the books is job number one, followed by adventures and experiences that take students to places they never expected. Learn more about the journeys others have taken and consider what you might be able to do at ONU too!

Student Photo

Playing the role of a lifetime.

Student Photo

So far, there’s been Orlando and Vegas

Student Photo

A look behind the mask.